Wednesday, June 9, 2010

because i can't

i describe it
because i feel it
but how could my thoughts deceive me?
my picture unreadable
my picture is not real
what should i do?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Promises like Pie-crust

Promise me no promises,
So will I not promise you:
Keep we both our liberties,
Never false and never true:
Let us hold the die uncast,
Free to come as free to go:
For I cannot know your past,
And of mine what can you know?

The broken heart

News o' grief had overteaken
Dark-eyed Fanny, now vorseaken;
There she zot, wi' breast a-heaven,
While vrom zide to zide, wi' grieven,
Vell her head, wi' tears a-creepen
Down her cheaks, in bitter weepen.
There wer still the ribbon-bow
She tied avore her hour ov woe,
An' there wer still the hans that tied it
Hangen white,
Or wringen tight,

a Pretty a Day

a pretty a day
(and every fades)
is here and away
(but born are maids
to flower an hour
in all,all)

A Girl

The tree has entered my hands,
The sap has ascended my arms,
The tree has grown in my breast-
The branches grow out of me, like arms.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From And to Me

Distracted me
Therefore I am silent
Extinct's desires
Returning my sleep
I have seen it all
Therefore I am jealous
When I know the corner of my lost
And taunt me with dirty words
I got my brain
But the dry and mossy
I do not want this
I do not ask for this
I want all my good return
And i dive into my own heart
To seek early all
I realized, stupid if I say "if"
Because "if" will be accompanied by "this will not"
I have my mistakes
And I can not hide it
Everyday I suffer from it
Vent to my feelings to me
Locked in the heart
And record it in my mind
"everything will be fine"
Said a calm voice from deep inside of me
I have to believe
Because everything has happened
All my doing
No person other than me
I just

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Time in Me

I write now
Because I knew that soon will be wasted
I think now
Because I have a lot of time after my time
It's just that...
My brain is empty
Nobody shouted...
No one spoke...
There was not even breath
If my time on my side was reluctant?
I know my question is unreasonable
And I know my time is only mine
But, I do not know if it had only changed
Pressed into the lack locked it
And tenderly caressing me with its poison fangs
I want to not try to find the life
Since it was already into something misty
No taste, no feel..
Flying with the show weakness
And disappeared like a drink of water
And this is the time after my time
The real time
Preparation is useless
My hope is not unexpected
Because I left my wishes at the end of my playing time
Let alone without someone
Fell on the white carpet with a heartbreaking voice
And still clutched in the hand
I left it,
With the line of separation that can not be delivered
I could only sit and stare at from afar
And wait for someone like me to take it back

All Of Mine

I tell my heart
I tell my feelings
I tell my situation
I tell my hope
I give my self the symbol
I give my blood spots
I give my soul solid
I give a sketch of my life
I give all
I gave everything
I gave a perfect
I give the love
I give a concious
I give a low
I give the real
I give willingly
I left my hungry
I left my thirst
I kept my grief
I save dissapoinment
But you know something else in my body
Leave me a little high
To seed new private
That will grow as the baby is still inside the mother's abdomen

Like a Cherries

Shine heart
Because I need a way
Feeling every inch of pavement
And sink deep into the worst hole
Look at my feet
Nobody wanted to help support
Stummbled dragged
Provied small wound on it view
Allow me a moment turned my face upwards?
Begging tears from my eyes
Pressed my wrist as a sign pleading
And the land pulled my kness been down
Spinning gracefully in the wind
dropped with the essential gentless
And give me the shaft arrows
Something small?
This really what I want?
I could feel my skin on the red colour
Share thought red with
And gave me a view privilege
I opened my eyes
And show directly in front
I was holding cherries have turned into a warm, comfortable
Seen by my charming smile
And shows me the Prince with the most perfect
With robe and handsomeness
And with an aura of him
May grasp his hand?
Because my hand outstretched to reach out
And my eyes on him
I followed all the instructions from my brain
And let it gently pulled me away
Away from the reverse of happiness
Toward a more meningful

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Is You

I came for him
Because i heard his voice
Calling my name...
With closed his eyes
I stood next him
Because i look his dream
Kiss my lips...
With the softness
Day after day i watched him
Guard him to my life
Guide his step for his goodness
And listened to his stories
I calm to see his smile...
I suffer to see his tears
I feel like bird in the sky if i see him hug my picture in his sleep
And i feel like an angel if i heard his voice sing of song for me
I can not look his face
The face who looked down at the white stone
Weep for what is in front without looking around
And did not notice me next to him
I know what happened
And i can see what he see
That is my last resort
My body lay stiff in a coffin
Did not realize who tears ran down my land
And do not care who weep for me
But in only my body...
God please...
I want him to knows, thats i was now next to him
Feel the pain his heart
And learn to hug him continuously
Although i can not touch you
I love you forever my heart
Never stop...
And will never be replaced.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Confusse

I have eyes
But i was blinded by it
I have an ear
But it closed the hearing
Even my skin too,,
No support for sensitive
So now
I was deceived by myself
And let him hobbled for clues
What to do?
If sin is circular around this life?
And keep pushing them into the dark valley
What thoughts?
"oh shit! this what i would be?"
I believe that the light will not on my side
They made ame frantic until death come to me
Caught a glimpse of a speck of stain cleaner
And then suddenly take it away from me my surprise
I gave up my
Give up, do my will
Cruel was the fate of myself
But that's the way destiny
Little heart...
Very large position...
And i'm just saying...
Thank you for cleansing, based despicable you for me
The creator must understand you
And will drag you back to your downfall

Thursday, February 4, 2010


  1. (from "Northern Lass," 1632)

  1. Nor love nor fate dare I accuse

  1. For that my love did me refuse,

  1. But oh! mine own unworthiness

  1. That durst presume so mickle bliss.

  1. It was too much for me to love

  1. A man so like the gods above:

  1. An angel's shape, a saint-like voice,

  1. Are too divine for human choice.

  1. Oh had I wisely given my heart

  1. For to have loved him but in part;

  1. Sought only to enjoy his face,

  1. Or any one peculiar grace

  1. Of foot, of hand, of lip, or eye,--

  1. I might have lived where now I die:

  1. But I, presuming all to choose,

  1. Am now condemned all to lose.


      I adore the sun 
      Natural solar
      Required every earthly soul
      Emit hope illuminated
      I admire the time
      Which has the aura of the spirit
      Move all the rest
      Shows the best things from the inside
      I adore the sun
      But I burned nearby
      Every cell of my body turn into dust
      And gave me my bad
      I admire the time
      But I'm sorry therein
      Every cell of my body decreases because of
      And took away my happiness
      I worship the sun I could not see
      I admire the time that does not care about me
      I adore the sun...
      I admire the time...
      Two things that would be needed
      Two things that made me smile
      Gave me the light of life's most beautiful
      Until the time comes...
      I have to pay for it with my own life