Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Like a Cherries

Shine heart
Because I need a way
Feeling every inch of pavement
And sink deep into the worst hole
Look at my feet
Nobody wanted to help support
Stummbled dragged
Provied small wound on it view
Allow me a moment turned my face upwards?
Begging tears from my eyes
Pressed my wrist as a sign pleading
And the land pulled my kness been down
Spinning gracefully in the wind
dropped with the essential gentless
And give me the shaft arrows
Something small?
This really what I want?
I could feel my skin on the red colour
Share thought red with
And gave me a view privilege
I opened my eyes
And show directly in front
I was holding cherries have turned into a warm, comfortable
Seen by my charming smile
And shows me the Prince with the most perfect
With robe and handsomeness
And with an aura of him
May grasp his hand?
Because my hand outstretched to reach out
And my eyes on him
I followed all the instructions from my brain
And let it gently pulled me away
Away from the reverse of happiness
Toward a more meningful

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