Thursday, February 4, 2010


  1. (from "Northern Lass," 1632)

  1. Nor love nor fate dare I accuse

  1. For that my love did me refuse,

  1. But oh! mine own unworthiness

  1. That durst presume so mickle bliss.

  1. It was too much for me to love

  1. A man so like the gods above:

  1. An angel's shape, a saint-like voice,

  1. Are too divine for human choice.

  1. Oh had I wisely given my heart

  1. For to have loved him but in part;

  1. Sought only to enjoy his face,

  1. Or any one peculiar grace

  1. Of foot, of hand, of lip, or eye,--

  1. I might have lived where now I die:

  1. But I, presuming all to choose,

  1. Am now condemned all to lose.

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