Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Confusse

I have eyes
But i was blinded by it
I have an ear
But it closed the hearing
Even my skin too,,
No support for sensitive
So now
I was deceived by myself
And let him hobbled for clues
What to do?
If sin is circular around this life?
And keep pushing them into the dark valley
What thoughts?
"oh shit! this what i would be?"
I believe that the light will not on my side
They made ame frantic until death come to me
Caught a glimpse of a speck of stain cleaner
And then suddenly take it away from me my surprise
I gave up my
Give up, do my will
Cruel was the fate of myself
But that's the way destiny
Little heart...
Very large position...
And i'm just saying...
Thank you for cleansing, based despicable you for me
The creator must understand you
And will drag you back to your downfall

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  1. Hello Rina,

    Thank you for visiting & commenting on my blog.
    Your blog is nice, easy to access, good looking and lots of poems. Congrats!

    Let's keep in touch.