Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Is You

I came for him
Because i heard his voice
Calling my name...
With closed his eyes
I stood next him
Because i look his dream
Kiss my lips...
With the softness
Day after day i watched him
Guard him to my life
Guide his step for his goodness
And listened to his stories
I calm to see his smile...
I suffer to see his tears
I feel like bird in the sky if i see him hug my picture in his sleep
And i feel like an angel if i heard his voice sing of song for me
I can not look his face
The face who looked down at the white stone
Weep for what is in front without looking around
And did not notice me next to him
I know what happened
And i can see what he see
That is my last resort
My body lay stiff in a coffin
Did not realize who tears ran down my land
And do not care who weep for me
But in only my body...
God please...
I want him to knows, thats i was now next to him
Feel the pain his heart
And learn to hug him continuously
Although i can not touch you
I love you forever my heart
Never stop...
And will never be replaced.

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