Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Time in Me

I write now
Because I knew that soon will be wasted
I think now
Because I have a lot of time after my time
It's just that...
My brain is empty
Nobody shouted...
No one spoke...
There was not even breath
If my time on my side was reluctant?
I know my question is unreasonable
And I know my time is only mine
But, I do not know if it had only changed
Pressed into the lack locked it
And tenderly caressing me with its poison fangs
I want to not try to find the life
Since it was already into something misty
No taste, no feel..
Flying with the show weakness
And disappeared like a drink of water
And this is the time after my time
The real time
Preparation is useless
My hope is not unexpected
Because I left my wishes at the end of my playing time
Let alone without someone
Fell on the white carpet with a heartbreaking voice
And still clutched in the hand
I left it,
With the line of separation that can not be delivered
I could only sit and stare at from afar
And wait for someone like me to take it back

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