Tuesday, February 23, 2010

From And to Me

Distracted me
Therefore I am silent
Extinct's desires
Returning my sleep
I have seen it all
Therefore I am jealous
When I know the corner of my lost
And taunt me with dirty words
I got my brain
But the dry and mossy
I do not want this
I do not ask for this
I want all my good return
And i dive into my own heart
To seek early all
I realized, stupid if I say "if"
Because "if" will be accompanied by "this will not"
I have my mistakes
And I can not hide it
Everyday I suffer from it
Vent to my feelings to me
Locked in the heart
And record it in my mind
"everything will be fine"
Said a calm voice from deep inside of me
I have to believe
Because everything has happened
All my doing
No person other than me
I just


  1. This is lovely...Every person that reads this can relate to it perfectly.

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