Wednesday, June 9, 2010

because i can't

i describe it
because i feel it
but how could my thoughts deceive me?
my picture unreadable
my picture is not real
what should i do?

i want my heart can be explained
i want my heart attacted many view
i want everyone to know...
value of the highest my feelings
i tried to describe it again...
but i failed
i tried again...
and again i failed
enough! i give up!
really, i do not want to stop
i want to countinue
but the other person force myself to stop
realigning my veins are tightly bound
makes me feel what is felt every soul when they beat slow
and that's when i got the answers
i cannot describe my feelings...
because it is very difficult
very difficult when it strained
very difficult when it excited
very difficult when it smiles
very difficult when it speaks
and it is very difficult when it was all high fantasy
not affordable...
and not appear
if i stop fantasizing
i'm afraid looked how dark i am
dark all around me
but i cannot deny...
that this is my world
nothing can change it

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