Sunday, January 1, 2012

I recognition

When i heard
I know that i should retreated
But i can not lie
Not at this time
Therefore very attractive
Full laud i
And, a desire that comes out of nowhere
Really, i can not deny it
You took my hand away only with your charm
You make me paralyzed with just your voice
What could i?

One thing i know
I do not need any permission to you
And one thing that i know anymore
I should have made ​​it difficult
I feel i must make it ..
Feel, what he gave me
What could iI?
I underwent my generation pretty well
I've learned to understand that life will change after this
And it makes me to know you
Does not that sound?
Do not you feel it?
You really put me at risk
You have aroused the evil side of my life
You made my blood rise
You're calling my insensitive
And once again
You make me paralyzed
I do not want to be evil
What could i?
No, i should not say it
Because i will feel it
That you grow one either side of me
I feel it
Are you too?
I feel you sound friendly
I feel your warm gaze
And i felt a sweet attitude
I know you called my heart
You make love
Which has shaped the respect and affection
Thank you very much
And now ..
Please listen to me your confession

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